“IoT or the Internet of Things allows devices to be connected to the internet, so they can communicate with each other. The use of IoT helps in creating smart homes. IoT also allows businesses to automate their operations providing them various benefits.”, said Bahaa Al Zubaidi.

This is why IoT has become very popular and its adoption has increased. The advent of new technologies has allowed for innovations in IoT. There are new trends impacting the future of IoT that promises much more.

Bahaa Al Zubaidi predicts the future of IoT

IoT will grow rapidly

In 2016, there were 4.7 million objects or devices connected to IoT. It is estimated that by 2025, this will drastically increase. In 2025, there would be 21 million devices and objects that would be a part of IoT.

AI will be used with IoT

Artificial Intelligence will be increasingly used in IoT. When you use devices for a smart home like thermostats and lights, data is collected by the system. AI can use this data to learn more about you. The machine learning capability of AI ensures it can understand your preference. This will help service providers customize their services offered to you. There are many innovations that can be offered. For example, sensors can detect blood glucose levels and control insulin dosage to patients accordingly.

5G will accelerate IoT growth

5G networks have been rolled out in many countries. 5G networks are faster and allow more devices to be connected. IoT can use 5G to increase connectivity. It allows for better data collection. Analysis of this data is easier, so businesses can use the data to offer better quality products and services.

Smarter routers would be available

Businesses will improve the routers they offer clients. With increasing connectivity, risks increase making devices vulnerable to attacks. Vendors would offer smart routers with more security features. These routers would allow IoT devices to function better with greater security features in them.

Decentralization of IoT networks

Centralized IoT network are more vulnerable to attack. Downtime can cause serious problems for connected devices. Blockchain is being used to decentralize IoT networks. The use of cloud systems can make this easier to implement. This will make systems more secure and more efficient.

Security and privacy will gain in importance

Privacy and security issues will become crucial in the future. IoT devices collect a lot of data and a security breach can be costly. Governments are working on regulations to ensure improved security. Organizations will need to focus on implementing better controls for privacy and security.

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