Continuous Integration & Deployment

CI/CD or Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment are software development practices that help in reducing delivery cycle time observed Bahaa Al Zubaidi. Modern software firms follow these practices to help them release software faster. We look at latest trends and […]

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Serverless Architectures in 2024

Cloud computing is enabling users to leverage advanced storage mechanisms and operating processes to make life and work easier as the days go by noted by Bahaa Al Zubaidi. Serverless architectures are a transformative system in the landscape of cloud […]

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Role of Blockchain in Software

Blockchain technology has revolutionized software development recently, moving far beyond the cryptocurrencies it first stood for noted by Bahaa Al Zubaidi. This ground-breaking technology provides a distributed, transparent model for data management. It also gives birth to novel pathways for […]

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Microservices Architecture in 2024

Microservices architecture is a dominant concept and fast becoming a trend in software development noted by Bahaa Al Zubaidi. In simple terms, microservices architecture offers flexibility, scalability, and agility to organizations wishing to construct and deploy state-of-the-art cloud-native applications. In […]

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Sustainable Software Engineering in 2024

Information technology is undoubtedly one of the most crucial factors in reshaping our lives in today’s quick-paced digital era observed by Bahaa Al Zubaidi. We use these apps and visit these websites because of the software that is the foundational […]

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Edge Computing & Software Development

Edge computing is revolutionizing the way software is developed, offering new opportunities and challenges for developers observed by Bahaa Al Zubaidi. By moving computing resources closer to the edge of the network, edge computing enables faster processing, lower latency, and […]

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