Bahaa Al Zubaidi observed that new trends are emerging in the IoT field as more and more industries increase their use of this technology. The following trends can be noticed by Bahaa Al Zubaidi in this field.

5G will Increase the Use of IoT

This latest communication technology will increase the adoption of IoT across different sectors. It will become easier to communicate with devices and systems in real time. Data can be accessed faster than it was possible earlier. More devices at one point can be operated remotely. Operators sitting in faraway places can operate devices in real time.

IoT in Healthcare

The health sector will see increased use of IoT technology. Advancements in the field of healthcare devices and the incoming 5G technology will increase the use of IoT in the healthcare industry. Vital signs of patients can be monitored by the healthcare professionals remotely in real time. Different types of health and clinical data can be accessed quickly. Surgeons can operate on patients from other locations and do not have to be present in the operation room.

Bundled Solutions

IoT companies are now offering bundled solutions. Users of this technology do not have to hire different companies for IoT and other related solutions. A single company will offer the combined solution that delivers the required results for the user.

Onsite Analysis

Earlier IoT systems were used only to sense the changes in their surrounding and record or send data. This data was analyzed in the program that was stored in the cloud or at the user’s server. This process is changing. More and more devices now have both IoT components and analytics features. The data is analyzed at the source point itself. One such example is a camera with the vision analysis feature. It not only records the visuals but also analyzes that image data as per the user settings.

Dedicated Programs for Data Management

Earlier IoT systems relied on other programs for sourcing, processing, storing and sending data. As more industries and companies start using the IoT technology, more complex systems are being used. These systems cannot be handled with multiple programs that complicate the process further. A dedicated program is needed to process this data. IoT data platforms that offer dedicated solutions for this technology will see their user base increase. They will connect IoT devices across different locations. Users can analyze the data sourced from different IoT systems through a single interface.

These changes will transform all industries that use IoT technologies. Users will be able to optimize their resources and become more efficient. Thank you for your interest in Bahaa Al Zubaidi blogs. Please visit