IoT or Internet of Things is a network of different objects connected through the internet. The objects have sensors and use technologies, so they can communicate with other systems and devices. There are more than 7 billion IoT devices today, and it is expected that by 2025 this number would grow to 22 billion.

Bahaa Al Zubaidi feels IoT can be useful for consumers since it helps to create a smart home. Organizations also benefit from IoT, which helps them unlock value.

The Benefits offered by IoT

There are two features of IoT that make it so beneficial for businesses. It allows for automation with devices communicating directly with each other without the need for human intervention. It allows seamless connectivity making it easy to use.

Bahaa Al Zubaidi outlines that IoT offer many benefits like:

Increased productivity

IoT allows for automation of repetitive and tedious tasks. This helps to increase productivity, since people who were doing those tasks can now focus on other key activities. IoT is also a labor-saving technology and can help businesses reduce their manpower costs.

Improved use of resources

Resources can be used in a more efficiency way thanks to IoT. For example, power consumption can be reduced by using electric systems enabled with IoT. It can also save water consumption. Sensors in devices can shut down the devices when not used and activate them only when needed.

Ensures efficiency in operations

Areas like inventory management can be improved by using IoT. Tracking of products, shipping, fleet management, etc. would be improved when IoT is used. Organizations have better control over their processes, materials, and products.

Improved safety

Safety is crucial for an organization. IoT can use automation to ensure that equipment use is safer. The use of motion sensors and surveillance cameras help in improving safety levels. This makes employees feel safer and increases the reputation of the organization.

Improved customer service

IoT can also be used to improve customer service. Since product and device tracking is possible, it allows for smoother follow-up on maintenance and related issues. When better service is offered, it helps in keeping customers happy.

Better business opportunities

When efficiency is improved, it allows businesses to offer better quality products and services. It also allows them to increase the range of services they offer. It makes the business competitive and opens up new opportunities. All these would translate to enhanced business performance.

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